Take Two for May 14, 2013

CA Governor Jerry Brown Holds News Conference On Pension Reform
Well it's a rite of spring here in California, Governor Jerry Brown releases his May revised budget. For the first time in seven years there's no red ink. In fact, the Governor is dealing with an unexpected $4.5 billion in tax revenue.
With more on the breakfast in the classroom program and other issues the school board will be addressing this afternoon, we're joined now by KPCC's education reporter Adolfo Guzman Lopez.
Chris Christie Gives Speech On Financial Integrity And Accountability In DC
Chris Christie has been raking in contributions in California for his re-election campaign
Immigrants Sworn In As New US Citizens
The Senate Judiciary Committee is hard at work again today, amending the immigration bill proposed by the Gang of Eight. Tucked away in that legislation is a provision to drop The Green Card Lottery.

Farmers use social media to reduce food waste, increase profits

While agriculture may provide some of California's most famous exports, the latest farm census from the USDA found that over half of the state's small farms don't even turn a profit.
Screening And Q&A For Fox's "New Girl" - Arrivals
The television upfronts continue today as networks present their new programming to advertisers. We check in with Jace Lacob, West Coast Deputy Bureau Chief for The Newsweek Daily Beast Company to find out the fates of our favorite shows.
Reading Festival - Day 3
Now it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, where we talk about what's new in music. Joining us today is Shirley Halperin, music editor at The Hollywood Reporter.
Springs Fire Los Angeles 2013 Camarillo
What do federal budget cuts mean for firefighters here in Southern California and how are they bracing for future battles?
Women in the World Summit 2013
Angelina Jolie sent waves through the health-care world with her announcement that she had undergone a double mastectomy.
Google executives Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen discuss the benefits and challenges facing our "The New Digital Age."
Attorney General Holder Testifies To House Appropriations Committee On Justice Dept. Budget
First, the terrorist attack on the US embassy in Benghazi. Then, the IRS scandal and now the news that the Department of Justice secretly obtained phone records of AP reporters and editors. Will Attorney General Eric Holder take the fall?

Despite big name, Shakespeare school still feels cuts

Teacher Rafe Esquith celebrates his 30th anniversary this year, but the notoriety of his student Shakespeare program hasn’t spared his school from arts program cuts.
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