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Take Two for May 15, 2013

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Yesterday, the Senate Agriculture Commission approved a five-year farm bill which would cost almost $100 billion annually. Today, the House Agriculture Committee is set to consider its own version. This legislation could have big implications for California farmers.
The Changing Face Of The UK High Street

Payday lenders find ways to skirt Military Lending Act

A new investigation from ProPublica and Marketplace finds that lenders have found ways around a federal law meant to protect members of the US military from predatory loans.
Writer Joel Kotkin fears that too much money and power is being concentrated in a few technology companies, and says that's not only bad for the marketplace, it's bad for democracy.
A technician (top-R) checks computers at

Can Mexico's booming tech industry last?

Over the last decade, Mexico's tech industry has flourished, growing grew three times faster than the global average. Most of that expansion is fueled by demand from the United States, but there are questions about how long the surge can last.
Mercer 16735
Tim Fremeux, Department Of Transportation bikeways engineer, joins the show to fill us in on how LA is working to make city streets safer for bicyclists.
San Antonio Spurs v Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings owners to vote on potential move

The NBA team's owners, the Maloof family, had agreed to sell to a group of investors in Seattle, but this game isn't over just yet. Owners will vote on a potential move at a meeting in Dallas today.
Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs - Game Five
While the Sacramento Kings wait to hear about their future, taxpayers in Sacramento have sued the city over the downtown arena deal and attempted to start a ballot initiative which could block the construction of a new arena.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Holds News Conference Discussing Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign
This week the National Transportation Safety Board laid out a series of new recommendations related to drunk driving. The most significant was that states reduce the blood-alcohol limit by more than a third, from 0.08 to 0.05 percent.
Vision y Compromiso
Yesterday, nearly 50 organizations throughout California found themselves a bit richer after winning grants from a $43 million pool of federal money to help spread the word about health insurance.
Estelle Lawton Lindsey

Women lose political footing at Los Angeles City Hall

Los Angeles has gone backwards in how women are represented in municipal government. On July 1, L.A. city government could be run entirely by men.
Los Angeles City Hall
This month, the City of Los Angeles found almost $43 million in a special transportation fund. The money had gone undetected for almost 20 years and while it's good news for the city, it has officials worried about the possibility of other hidden money.
Dementia Music - 6
Dementia is one of the most devastating nuerological condition, for individuals and families. But an Arizona retirement home is working on creating a new way to care for patients diagnosed with dementia, and others are beginning to take notice.
St. John's Hospital
Saint John's Hospital in Santa Monica is at the center of a bidding war, and the stakes just got a little higher today. Billionaire doctor and businessman Patrick Soon-Shiong is expected to make a formal bid for the hospital today, according to the Los Angeles Times. To do so, he has joined up the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of LA.
Occidental College graduate
Today we hear from 22-year-old Cameron Westbury, who spent the last four years studying economics at Occidental College in Eagle Rock.

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