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Friday Flashback: IRS scandal, budget deficit and more

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Attorney General Eric Holder says he recused himself last year from a national security leak probe in which prosecutors obtained the phone records of Associated Press journalists. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It's time for Friday Flashback, in which we talk about the week that was with our regular journalists in-the-know. On tap this week are Christina Bellantoni, politics editor for PBS Newshour, and James Rainey from the Los Angeles Times.

You know it's been a bad week when reporters seek out Bob Woodward and ask if the recent IRS scandal this is another Watergate. We had the news that the IRS had been targeting conservative groups, and the revelation that the Justice Department was snooping on AP reporters. Those two pretty much blew Benghazi out of the headlines.  

The acting commissioner of the IRS, Steve Miller, was fired. Now he's testifying before a House committee it what seems like another "who knew what, when" investigation. How damaging is this to the White House, even without all the other scandals?

This has put the spotlight back on Attorney General Eric Holder, who has a lot of experience being on the hot seat with Republicans. This week, he didn't hold back in an exchange with California Republican Darrell Issa.  

Issa is also chairman of the Oversight Committee, and he's gone after Holder time and again. He's pressed the administration on Benghazi, and now he will be all over the AP and probably the IRS investigations.  

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