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Dinner Party Download: Ultimate cow fighting, school lunches, and more

by Take Two®

Two bulls fight in Switzerland's Battle of the Queens event.

Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party Download podcast and radio show.

On tap this week:

The Battle Royale of Cow Fighting
It happens in the Swiss village of Aproz, the great Battle of the Queens, that's what they call the World Series of Cow Fighting. There's a breen of cow called Heren Cows, and they're known for their genetic predisposition for combativeness. But the fight is, basically, these cows walk up toward each other, then start bumping heads, and when one can't take it anymore they turn around and walk away and that's the end of it. There are a number of sub-tournaments, then at the end they put all the cows in at once, it's like a battle royale. 

11-year-old Muckraker Makes Mini-Doc About Gross School Lunches
A fourth-grader in New York named Zachary Maxwell has become a documentarian of the moment because he made a documentary, with the help of his father, about the school lunches at his school. The movie is called "Yuck: A Fourth-Grader's Short Documentary About School Lunch."

The Curious Case of Ronnie Biggs
This week back in 2001, a guy named Ronnie Biggs returned to England from Rio. This was a big deal because he had been on the lam for 35 years for having pulled off a train robbery in 1963. He was caught shortly after the robbery, thrown in jail and he escaped in broad daylight, then surgically altered his face, dodged cops on three continents and ended up in Rio. He hung out in Rio, thumbing his nose from across the pond an England. While he was in Rio, he recorded a song with the Sex Pistols. He extradited himself, he voluntarily went back to England because he said he just wanted to have a British pint before he died. 

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