Take Two for May 21, 2013

There's been a lot of talk about the lack of interest in the LA mayor's race, and discussion of why the turnout — perhaps only 20 percent — will be so low.
Mayoral Election Held In Los Angeles
Why people fail to vote has been question studied for decades. One group of voting researchers even got the US Census bureau to include a question about voting in its surveys.
Tornado Outbreak Slams Through Oklahoma

SoCal firefighters head to tornado-stricken Oklahoma

Firefighters from Los Angeles and Orange County are part of the emergency team being sent to the Oklahoma City area today.
Senate Finance Committee Holds Hearing Recent IRS Screening Scandal
Former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman testified on Capitol Hill before the Senate Finance Committee which has launched an investigation into the scandal.
Andrew Irving
A new study by anthropologist Andrew Irving attempts to get inside the inner workings of the mind to understand the human thought process.
Proponents Of Increased Gun Control Laws Demonstrate In Washington
Gun control has slipped from the headlines in Washington, DC, but legislation continues to move through state capitols. Reporter Elaine Korry examines a couple of bills in Sacramento aimed at making gun owners more accountable.
2013 Tribeca Film Festival Opening Night After Party For "Mistaken For Strangers" Sponsored By American Express
Now it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, where we talk about what's new in music. Joining us today is Shirley Halperin, music editor at The Hollywood Reporter, and Chris Martins, senior writer for Spin magazine.
Mercer 10798
Today, the LA County Board of Supervisors will vote today on whether to sever ties with Teens Happy Homes. The foster care agency has a documented history of child abuse and misappropriating funds.
Chapman Law School Afghan Women Graduation

Male law students choose Afghan woman for commencement speech (Photos)

In a mostly Saudi male class of law students, an Afghan woman dedicated to advancing human and women's rights is chosen for a high honor: the commencement speech.
Drug War Dampens Spring Break Tourism In Mexico

The ongoing campaign to remake Baja's tarnished image

For the Fronteras Desk, Erin Siegal McIntyre reports on the ongoing campaign to shift public attention of Baja, Mexico from homicide and crime to tacos, art, and wine.
Experience: HALO by Xbox 360

Microsoft unveils new Xbox gaming console

Earlier this hour, Microsoft unveiled its first new game console in nearly eight years. The Xbox One enters a competitive market, not only other gaming consoles but mobile games as well.
The Doors In Concert

John Doe of X remembers The Doors' Ray Manzarek

John Doe of X joins the show with a remembrance of his old friend, Ray.
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