Take Two for May 22, 2013

New prostate cancer test designed to use urine instead of blood

Kritika Mohan

KPCC / Sanden Totten

UC Irvine researcher Kritika Mohan is shows off a prototype of a new device for testing prostate cancer. The device is the black rod on the right. It is designed to detect PSMA in urine.

Kritika Mohan and Reginald Penner

KPCC / Sanden Totten

Researchers Kritika Mohan and Reginald Penner are part of a team at UC Irvine that is developing a new test for prostate cancer.

Every year, about 240,000 men in the US are diagnosed with prostate cancer, but the current testing method often finds tumors that are low risk, and can lead patients to get dangerous and expensive surgeries they don't need. 

A new study in the Journal of the American Chemical Society may present an alternative. 

KPCC's Science Reporter Sanden Totten says, it'll test urine and cost only a few dollars.

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