Take Two for May 23, 2013

Navy Launches First Drone From Aircraft Carrier
Later this morning, President Obama will deliver a long-awaited policy address in which he's expected to explain new guidelines on the use of unmanned military drones. In addition, he may call, once again, for the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.
Deputy Troy Sella from the new technolog

How could use of drones create jobs, benefit economy?

Regardless of how the government revises their framework for using unmanned drones in military strikes, there's broad agreement that they will have a wide variety of civilian uses. One recent study estimated drones could create tens of thousands of new jobs, and as much $80 billion in new economic activity over the coming decade.
Audi Star Creation Competition
H1B visas aren't just for coders and programmers; fashion models can also apply for them. Modeling is the only profession eligible for H1B visa status which doesn't require a bachelor's degree.
The truce between the MS-13 and 18th Street gangs in El Salvador has held since March 2012. The truce has significantly reduced violence in the country, but a recent decision by the Supreme Court could undermine the agreement.
Indian Schools

Money even tighter as Indian Country schools face sequestration

For the Navajo Nation, sequestration cuts mean larger class sizes, putting off building repairs and fewer buses. If you're a child that has to travel more than 50 miles to get to school, this can have a dramatic effect.
Rural Idaho Experiments With Public Transportation
It may come as no surprise that Idaho is one of the reddest states in the country, or that a county in northern Idaho has become perhaps the reddest county in the country. One of the reasons for that deep red hue is an influx of conservatives from Southern California.
Star Trek
Adam Steltzner, an engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, offers insight into how close 'Star Trek' tech is to becoming a reality.
Loyola's Pediatric Mobile Health Unit Cares For Uninsured Children

Young adults a key to Affordable Care Act in California

The success of the Affordable Care Act depends on people who are currently uninsured buying into the insurance marketplace.
LAPD Helicopter
The data show that police helicopters often are first on scene, provide backup, and deploy officers to surround crime scenes. But measuring their effectiveness is tricky.
Colonel Meow
Facebook now boasts millions of profiles not for people, but for pets. One such star joins the show (with his owner) to offer insight on why cats rule the Internet.
Mercer 10512

Audit shows City of Bell on brink of financial collapse

The city of Bell just can't seem to catch a break. First came the scandal in 2010 where the LA Times discovered that public officials stole millions from the public. Now, a new report from the state controller finds the city's finances are in ruins. The general fund has a negative balance of more than a million dollars.
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Edible QR codes help San Diego sushi diners trace origin of fish

Take a second look at your next sushi order, you might find a strange garnish sitting upon the back of your salmon skin roll.
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