Take Two for June 3, 2013

Dads face pressures of balancing work and parenting head-on

President Obama Continues His Push Through Key Swing States In Final Days Before Election

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Hudson Schoewe, 4, of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, rides on his father's leg while waiting in line with more than 14,000 people to attend a campaign rally with U.S. President Barack Obama in State Capitol Square November 4, 2012 in Concord, New Hampshire.

Picture someone you know who is struggling with the balance between work and family. Is it a man or a woman? Plenty of moms talk about feeling wracked with guilt about focusing too much on their career and not enough on their kids, but it's not just a women's issue.

Reporter Sheelah Kolhatkar recently wrote about how men are tackling the work/life balance issue head-on for Bloomberg's Businessweek.

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