Take Two for June 10, 2013

Eric Garcetti Los Angeles Mayor

#DearMayor: Garcetti addresses Angeleno's concerns

LA Mayor elect Eric Garcetti says education, infrastructure and economic development will be the three key areas his administration will focus on.
Santa Monica College Libary
Students, some preparing for finals and graduation, returned to Santa Monica College campus Monday morning.
Signs of support for Trayvon Martin

Race and the trial of George Zimmerman

On the first day of the George Zimmerman trial, what did the Rodney King beating trial teach us about race and justice?
'The Purge' Trailer

Cheap thriller smacks big $ flicks at box office

Audiences flocked to a low-budget thriller on the weekend, making The Purge the box office champ. In On The Lot, why it was the little movie that could.
Matthew Morrison has made a name for himself playing Will Shuester, the Spanish teacher-turned-singing coach in the hit Fox Series "Glee." But now he's trying out his hand at being an honest to goodness singing star with a new album called, "Where It All Began."
Sun sets on San Onofre nuclear plant

How can nuclear waste be safely stored longterm?

Last week, Southern California Edison announced it had shut down the San Onofre nuclear power plant for good. That raises the question of what will be done with the radioactive material there.
New Study Suggests That Raisins Aid In Oral Health
This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling on Horne V. the Department of Agriculture. At the heart of this case is the California raisin.
Edward Snowden
News of an NSA program to monitor American citizens' communication has become public knowledge. The leaker was revealed as former CIA employee Edward Snowden.
Deportee his home

After deportation, lives can quickly slide into despair

Last year, the Obama administration deported 400,000 people from the US. Many were sent to border cities like Tijuana. Deportees often dropped off with little money, few belongings and no ties to the city. From the Fronteras Desk in San Diego, Adrian Florido says, once there, many of their lives quickly become desperate.
Calder Katz

Choosing farming over college

For a growing number of young students, college is no longer an aspiration. For the California Report, Helena Liikanen Renger introduces us to a student who's choosing to forgo a college education.
The Group Of Senators Dubbed The "Gang Of 8" Hold News Conference On Immigration Legislation

Immigration reform bill hits Senate floor

After seven months, the immigration reform bill will finally make it to the Senate floor this week. They'll begin debating it tomorrow and a final vote is expected before the July 4 recess.
Chris Nichols LA Artifacts - 3

Chris Nichols shows off his bowling trophies

Collector Chris Nichols shared one of his prized LA's history possessions with us: his bowling trophies from over 50 years ago.
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