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Sports Roundup: NBA Finals blowout, Dwight Howard, Dodgers and more

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Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, right, defends against San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan during the first half at Game 3 of the NBA Finals basketball series, Tuesday, June 11, 2013, in San Antonio. Eric Gay/AP

A historic blowout in the NBA Finals, the most famous back-up of all time finds a job and the Dodgers are fighting mad. We'll get into all that and more with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, who have covered sports for the L.A. Times and ESPN. 

Game three of the NBA Finals between the Heat and Spurs was last night in San Antonio with the series tied at 1-1. Two teams are supposed to show up and play, but yesterday it seemed as if there was only one out there on the floor: the defending champions The Heat lost by 36 points, 3rd largest margin in NBA Finals history.

Lebron James did not have a good game, and all people have been talking about is that Michael Jordan would have never let his team lose by 36 in the Finals.  

No word yet on whether Dwight Howard will come back to play for the Lakers next season. Now one of the biggest criticisms about Howard in his career is that he's too jokey and goofy. Then yesterday Shaquille O'Neal said Howard's problem is: "He's too nice. When I cross that line, I'm ready to tear your face off. I don't care who it is ... He's just too nice. If I was him, I would get into the same mood I was in." 

What about the thought that someone like Dwight Howard is not a big city kind of guy and what does it take for a high profile athlete to survive in L.A.?

The Dodgers beat the Arizona Diamondbacks last night on what turned out to be an unexpected fireworks night. Four players were beamed — Yasiel Puig in the head — and five ejections and benches cleared.

Sportingintelligence.com put together a list of the best-paying teams in the world. The Manchester City soccer club topped the list, with the Dodgers in second, spending $7.47 million per player. 

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