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Mayor of Monterrey, Mexico gives the city over to God

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Alicia Margarita Arellanes Cervantes, the mayor of Monterrey, Mexico.

Northern Mexico continues to struggle with crime, violence and kidnappings, which is why Alicia Margarita Arellanes Cervantes, the mayor of Monterrey, Mexico, is giving the city over to God:

"I, Alicia Margarita Arellanes Cervantes, give Monterrey, Nuevo León, to our Lord Jesus Christ, so that his kingdom of peace and blessings may be established. I open the doors of this municipality to God as the ultimate authority. Lord Jesus Christ, welcome to Monterrey, the house that we have built. This is your home Lord Jesus, Lord of Monterrey.”

 Her remarks at a recent public appearance have stirred a contentious debate about the separation of church and state in Mexico. For more on this we're joined now by Tracey Wilkinson, Mexico bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times

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