Take Two for June 13, 2013

Dinner Party Download: Choose your own adventure, Unicorn passport and more

Mercer 1677

Maggie Starbard/NPR

A detail of Regina Holliday's mural showing her husband, Fred, in his hospital bed receiving a blood transfusion.

Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party Download podcast and radio show.

On tap this week:

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure: The Movie?

English Schoolgirl Passes Through Turkish Customs With Toy Passport Identifying Her As A Unicorn

This Week In History: The First Blood Transfusion 

This week back in 1667 the first successful blood transfusion into a human took place… which is not to say the ones that followed were successful. 

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