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Take Two for June 14, 2013

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Gov. Brown Signs Legislation At Google HQ That Allows Testing Of Autonomous Vehicles

California lawmakers to vote on $96 billion budget

Today in Sacramento the budget will be at the top of the docket. California lawmakers are set to vote on a new ninety six Billion dollar plan negotiated by Governor Jerry Brown and Democratic legislators. The California Report's Scott Detrow has a quick preview.
LA Fund

LA Unified philanthropy helps students and superintendent

The two-year-old L.A. Fund for Public Education has raised nearly $4 million for L.A. Unified. It's two big projects: Breakfast in the Classroom and "Arts Matter"
Big Bear Ski Scene Feature
A UCLA used global climate models to project huge drops in the LA region’s snowfall on low-elevation mountains within 30 years, whether humans cut carbon or not.
Demonstrators hold signs supporting Edward Snowden in New York's Union Square Park, on Monday. Snowden, who says he worked as a contractor at the National Security Agency and the CIA, gave classified documents to reporters, making public two sweeping U.S.

Friday Flashback: NSA, Snowden, Murdoch split and more

The dark side of technology, a big gamble on Syria, and the dissolution of a media mogul's marriage. Some of the big stories of the week we'll look at this morning on this week's edition of the Friday Flashback with David Gura of Marketplace and James Rainey of the LA Times.
Leonard Kleinrock, a computer science pr
Leonard Kleinrock, who's credited with the first Internet transmission, never anticipated what he calls the "dark" side of the Internet when he sent the first host to host message from UCLA to Stanford Research Institute in 1969.

Portugal. The Man and their 'Evil Friends'

Although the name would suggest otherwise, the band Portugal. The Man originated from Portland, Oregon, but most of the recording for their newest record was done right here in LA. We'll talk with bassist Zach Carothers about the new record, "Evil Friends."
Should President Obama consult Congress before any action against Syria?
As KPCC’s Stephanie O’Neill tells us, California still faces challenges in implementing the law, including some that are unique to the Golden State.
Job Fair Held In New York
The non-profit news organization is launching an investigation into unpaid internships. Reporters there are asking for interns, past and present, to tell them their stories.
Leading Video Game Companies Hold News Conferences To Open E3

The state of women in the video game world

In an onstage demonstration of their fighting game "Killer Instinct," a male developer of the game faced off against a woman who had never played the game before.
Bureau Of Land Management Rounds Up Wild Horses
Recently, a 14-member National Research Council released a report saying the BLM should stop rounding up the horses and depend more on contraception.

How facelifts could fuel Nicaragua’s economy

Power brokers in Nicaragua want a foothold in the lucrative medical tourism industry. From the Fronteras Desk, Peter O'Dowd reports.
Walmart Strawberry Supply Chain

How Wal-Mart's sourcing, pricing challenges neighborhoods (poll, photos)

KPCC examines how Wal-Mart discounts produce. Wal-Mart is the nation's largest retailer and its size gives it an advantage when it buys items from suppliers.
Plastic bag ban
Residents and community activist gathered last night to protest the scheduled closure of the Ralph's at Martin Luther King Boulevard and Western Avenue.

The role of fathers in the new modern family

As more father step up and take on a larger role in the family, many wonder if the stereotype of the bumbling Dad is dying. Writer Drew Magary knows just how tough it can be to be a father.

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