Take Two for June 17, 2013

Netflix Reports Third Quarter Earnings

DreamWorks and NetFlix join forces on new TV programs

DreamWorks Animation announced today it will forgo cable TV, and distribute content on Netflix, the internet streaming service.
Google Screenshot

Google to take aggressive action to fight child porn

In 2011, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children said it received 17.3 million images and videos of suspected child abuse, which is four times more than what they saw in 2007. Over the weekend, Google announced ambitious plans to wipe the web clean of such images.

Iran elects Hassan Rouhani as new president

Iranians on Friday elected a new president, Hassan Rouhani. In Los Angeles, home to the country's largest concentration of Iranian immigrants, those who want regime change say they are cautiously optimistic.
AZ Voter Proof-Of-Citizenship Law Struck Down, As Supreme Court Rulings Continue

SCOTUS strikes down Arizona's voter ID law

No Prop 8 decision yet today, court watchers, but the Supreme Court did decide a case next door in Arizona. The Supreme Court struck down the state's voter ID law in a 7-2 decision.
Prop 8 - 2
As we await the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, there has been no shortage of coverage on the issue. Much of that coverage has focused on support of same sex couples, according to a new study conducted by the Pew Research Center.
Huntington Beach Fire Pits - 1

Are beach fire pits hazardous to your health and environment? (Photos, Poll)

Are Southern California's iconic beach fires harmful? The question is at the center of a debate as regulators consider new rules limiting fire pits. Tell us what you think in our poll.
Man of Steel - Official Trailer 3 [HD]
On the Lot, our regular Monday discussion about the business of Hollywood, with Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times.
And She Rescues Him Right Back Panel At The Tribeca Film Festival
Movie producer Linda Obst has made movies that have a way of staying with you, "Sleepless in Seattle," "Contact," "Flashdance," "The Fisher King," and more. Obst stops by the Take Two studio to talk about her career and her new book,"Sleepless In Hollywood."
Schwarzenegger Holds Press Conference On Passing Of California Budget
Voting began Friday on California's $96 billion budget and wrapped up over the weekend, delivered on time and on budget. Additionally, the legislature passed a major piece of the Federal Affordable Care Act that would expand Medicaid coverage to more than a million low-income and uninsured Californians.
CA Gov. Brown Joins Hundreds Of Scientists Calling For Action On Climate Change
Critics are worried that the Governor is putting the planet on the back burner as he focuses on the state's economy.

What happens when you give money to a bad charity

Americans give over $200 billion to charity each year. But much of that money is never seen by the people and causes its meant to benefit. That's one of the findings in a new investigative series conducted by the Center for Investigative Reporting and the Tampa Bay Times.
Simente Gordon Workforce Investment
The Obama Administration bumped up funding during the recession, but this year Congress allocated only $38 million for LA’s Workforce Investment Board, half of what it provided a decade ago.
Man on scale
According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the LA Unified School District, boys here are twice as likely as young men in the rest of the country to induce vomiting or use laxatives to control their weight.
Foster Class

Class for foster youth teaches life skills and eases isolation

There's one group of California students that will be greatly underrepresented during upcoming high school graduation ceremonies. Less than 50 percent of students in foster care earn a high school diploma, leaving them few opportunities for jobs that pay a living wage.
As part of LA Unified's attendance program, dubbed "I'm In," students throughout the district won cars, iPads and cash gifts just for showing up to school. But is rewarding attendance with big prizes really the right way to motivate kids to learn??
Bob Meistrell

Body Glove co-founder Bob Meistrell dies

Bob Meistrell and his twin brother co-founded the Body Glove clothing company and are credited with developing the first neoprene wetsuit. Meistrell died Sunday of a heart attack while on his boat at the age of 84.
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