Take Two for June 18, 2013

How does 'Man of Steel''s Lois Lane compare to those of the past?

Man Of Steel Amy Adams

Warner Bros.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane in "Man Of Steel."

The latest cinematic iteration of the Superman tale, "Man of Steel," is dominating the box office, even if many critics were less than impressed. But most of them had nice words for Amy Adams and her performance as Lois Lane. 

Lane, like Superman, is an iconic character. She began as a tough-as-nails reporter, but over the years, she's been portrayed as either skeptical of Clark Kent, or moony over Superman.

Amy Adams's Lois is more than tough. She knows how to handle a gun, take out bad guys, and dress down sources that don't cough up the facts.

Journalist Ashley Fetters recently wrote about Lois Lane from a feminist perspective for the Atlantic. She joins the show to talk about her piece. 

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