Take Two for June 18, 2013

DREAM Act Supporters Rally For Immigration Reform

House committee weighs tough immigration bill

The House Judiciary Committee is holding its markup of an immigration bill that focuses on enforcement. They're rushing to catch up with their counterparts on the Senate on an issue which becomes more contentious each day.
Hundreds of migrants die every year trying to cross into the U.S., many of which are never identified. A recent article in the American Prospect explores the region where the grim realities are a way of life.
Powerhouse Fire - 5
Officials say this year's fire season could be the worst in a century, and we've already seen a 75-percent jump in the number of blazes torching the region. But when we know that this year might be the worst on record and wildfires are already a way of life here, is there anything that can be done differently?
Activists Groups Protest NSA Surveillance Program
Apple vows the text messaging service is encrypted and can't be read by anyone by the sender and the receiver.

Budget cuts threaten far-flung courthouses

Over the last five years, California courts have been hit hard by state budget cuts. The new state budget restores some funding, but more than 50 courts have already closed and those still open are delivering slower service and charging higher fees.
A new study finds that some of the worst bullying among kids happens at home. According to a report in the July issue of the journal Pediatrics, bullying and aggressive behavior by a sibling can be as damaging as bullying by a classmate or neighbor.
2012 BET Awards - Show

Tuesday Reviewsday: Kanye West, J.Cole and Judith Hill

Is Kanye God? He'd like you to think so. Songs with titles like 'I Am A God' are on his new album 'Yeezus,' which drops tomorrow. Oliver Wang from Soul-Sides.com joins us to talk about the new record as well as new music from J. Cole and Judith Hill.
Veterans Secretary, Entrepreneur Feed Homeless Vets

Taking steps to end homelessness among US war veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs is making the fight against veteran homelessness a top priority, with a goal of putting an end to it over the next two years.
(FILES) Photo dated 13 June 2003 a femal

Military women move closer to jobs in combat

The U.S. military will announce today that women will no longer be prevented from holding jobs on the frontline.
Plastic Bag Manufacturers Fight Back Against Proposed Local Ban

LA City Council to vote on plastic bag ban

Today the Los Angeles City Council is expected to vote on whether to ban single use plastic bags. The proposed law was first introduced two years ago by Councilmen Paul Koretz and Paul Krekorian.

Is Soylent the food of the future?

Soylent is pitched as an all-in one nutritional drink that has all of the nutrients that your body needs. But can it really do what it claims?
Man Of Steel Amy Adams
Journalist Ashley Fetters recently wrote about Lois Lane from a feminist perspective for the Atlantic. She joins the show to talk about her piece.
beach replenishment fronteras
From the Fronteras Desk in San Diego, Alison St. John says Solana Beach and Encinitas are on the frontlines over how to deal with eroding shorelines and sea level rise.
Helen Brush Jenkins

Pioneering photojournalist Helen Brush Jenkins dies

Helen Brush Jenkins was a pioneering photojournalist for the old Los Angeles Daily News starting in the early 1940s. Brush Jenkins died last Wednesday in her Chicago home days after suffering a stroke, she was 94.
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