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Activists worry that tighter border security will lead to more migrant deaths

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A Border Patrol agent looks for footprints from illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.- Mexico border in 2010. Traffickers have begun using immigrants as drug smugglers, recruiting voluntarily and forcibly. John Moore/Getty Images

Debate continues in the Senate over immigration reform, and hearings have begun across the Capitol in the House. Supporters of a comprehensive reform bill got a boost yesterday from the Congressional Budget Office.

It released a study showing the Senate immigration plan could shave almost a trillion dollars from the nation's deficit over the next two decades. That didn't seem to soften opposition, especially in the House. 

Yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner said he wouldn't schedule a vote unless he had a majority of Republicans willing to support a plan. He talked about what has become a major sticking point in the debate. 

Republicans want to tie any path to citizenship to an increase in security along the U.S.-Mexico border. Supporters of the Senate version of the bill, including Republican Marco Rubio, argue the plan already includes the toughest border security measures in U.S. history.

That's worrisome to some human rights activists who argue an already alarming number of deaths by migrants along the border will only increase with added security measures.

Kate Morgan-Olsen, a volunteer with the Tucson-based group, No More Deaths/No Mas Muertes, joins the show with more. 

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