Take Two for June 20, 2013

Gay Therapy
After nearly 40 years, Exodus International Ministry is shutting its doors. Exodus advocated a so-called cure for homosexuality through therapy, an idea was a beacon for believers but a lightning rod for critics.
College loan debt isn't easing up, and students are struggling to navigate a plethora of obligations.

Looming loan rate increase has students worried

California congressional representatives are joining students in the nation's capital today to try to stop a student loan interest rate hike. If Congress doesn't act by July 1st, rates on federally-subsidized loans will double.
Mercer 9946

Senate nears decision on US-Mexico border security

The Senate is nearing a compromise on the border security aspect of the immigration bill that has been debated all week.
Honduras Cocaine
Due to budget cuts, it's become increasingly common for small-scale drug smugglers to be let go without facing charges.
Zombie Fronteras Desk

In Phoenix, zombie subdivisions wake from slumber

During the Great Recession, Arizona home builders abandoned neighborhoods that were only half built. The so-called zombie subdivisions left a ring of unfinished construction around the city. But now, as Peter O'Dowd reports from the Fronteras Desk in Phoenix, the zombies are waking up.
East Los High
The video streaming service Hulu might have figured out the right formula with the first English-language show with an all-Latino cast.

Neighborhoods: A feast of history and culture await you in LA's Koreatown

This weekend if you’re looking for friends, fun, and lots and lots of beef you could do worse than a trip to Koreatown
Eric Garcetti Los Angeles Mayor
Now for our weekly check in on southern California politics. We're joined by KPCC political reporters Alice Walton and Frank Stoltze.
A woman shoots video of the sign at the entrance to the Facebook main campus in Menlo Park, California

Silicon Valley's cozy relationship with the NSA

Silicon Valley has long had a cozy relationship with the NSA. It's a relationship reporter Nick Wingfield has been writing about for the New York Times.
Tuna Canyon
A campaign is underway to designate land that once housed a WWII internment camp in the San Fernando Valley as a cultural historic site. KPCC’s Josie Huang reports.
Billion year old water

What does 1 billion-year-old water taste like?

Have you ever wondered what 1 billion-year-old water tastes like? Professor Barbara Sherwood Lollar from the University of Toronto knows. She had the unusual opportunity of tasting some during a research project in a zinc and copper mine in Ontario, Canada.
Water sommelier Martin Riese, creator of 9OH2O, demonstrates why the taste of water you're drinking is as important as even the finest wines.
Keaton Henson
Musician and illustrator Keaton Henson stopped by the Take Two studio to talk about his new album and what the song "You" means to him.
Spring Weather Finally Arrives In The UK
Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party Download podcast and radio show.
"Violet & Daisy" Premiere - 2011 Toronto International Film Festival

Remembering 'Sopranos' star James Gandolfini

Today we remember actor James Gandolfini who died of an apparent heart attack while on vacation in Rome. "The Sopranos" star was 51 years old. Director Allen Coulter worked with Gandolfini as a producer and director on the HBO hit and he joins the show with a remembrance.
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