Take Two for June 21, 2013

Watts clinic provides dentures and another chance at a smile

Dr. Frazier Moore, Watts Health Center

José Martinez/KPCC

Dr. Frazier Moore, Watts Health Center's dental director, points to a molar on a full set of dentures. Last year, Watts' dental wing doled out 470 sets of dentures.

Elvira Cordero

José Martinez/KPCC

Elvira Cordero, 43, has been wearing the dentures she received from Watts Health Center for three years now. She spent about two years looking for affordable treatment for a serious, chronic mouth infection; while she was doing that, eight of her teeth fell out.

Richard Silva, Watts Health Center

José Martinez/KPCC

A big part of Richard Silva's job is helping people achieve the perfect fit with their dentures. Patients will bring their set in, leave it for Silva and then come back for their fixed teeth – often within a matter of hours.

South LA residents often lack access to dentists, so their oral health suffers, and the situation worsens for those who need special care, like dentures. KPCC's José Martinez takes us to a clinic in Watts that's helping restore the teeth — and confidence — of many in South LA.

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