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On The Lot: 'Monsters U,' audition prank, Melissa McCarthy and more

Still from the Pixar film
Still from the Pixar film "Monsters University."

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Now its time for our regular Monday discussion of the entertainment biz, On the Lot with LA Times reporter Rebecca Keegan.  

It has all the makings of a huge summer hit: Brad Pitt and zombies. Yet "World War Z did not top the box office this weekend. It got beat out by "Monsters University."

One of the challenges of "Monsters U" was making a film about college antics that could carry a G-rating. The filmmakers kind of had to go back to college themselves. They all went to art schools, not the typical college experience.

Some critics have complained that Pixar might have lost its mojo lately. Will the success of "Monsters U" put the zip on those lips?

A very strange story reported in the LA Times last week about a casting call for a feature film called "May the Best Man Win." Turned out it was more like a casting call for Punk'd. Doesn't SAG-AFTRA consider audition material to be private?  

There's some buzz around Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock's new buddy cop movie, "The Heat." 

McCarthy is pretty reserved when she's out of character, but when she's in it, she is absolutely take no prisoners. If "The Heat" is a success could it spawn a sort of "Lethal Weapon" franchise for these two?