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Remembering 'Family Ties' creator Gary David Goldberg

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(L-R) Actor Michael J. Fox and Gary David Goldberg attends a panel discussion celebrating Gary David Goldberg's autobiography 'Sit, Ubu, Sit' at The Paley Center For Media on February 5, 2008 in New York City. Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Gary David Goldberg, the creator of the hit 80s TV show "Family Ties" as well as several other series, died yesterday, just two days shy of turning 69.

He introduced the country to the Keaton family. Helmed by liberal parents Elyse and Steven, the family's true star was their conservative son, Alex P Keaton, played by Michael J Fox.

Although the show was his most well-known work, Goldberg actually came to TV late in life, He grew up in Brooklyn, but spent most of his young adulthood going in and out of college and waiting tables. 

He also spent over a year traveling around the world with his future wife, along with their dog, and once he returned, Goldberg finally settled in California, eventually breaking into Hollywood.

He wrote several episodes of the "Bob Newhart Show" and produced the drama "Lou Grant." But he hit it big when he created "Family Ties" and showed off a family with differences, but still managed to love each other in the end.

Years later, Goldberg still had an influential hand in many famed TV series. Like "Brooklyn Bridge," starring Marion Ross, which drew on his childhood to showcase a Jewish American family living in Brooklyn. Or the sitcom "Spin City," set in the fictionalized NYC Mayor's office. 

But Goldberg didn't always generate laughs. 

During a 2009 age discrimination lawsuit filed by TV writers, Goldberg was quoted saying that his show had, quote, "No writers on the set over the age of 29, by design." 

Regardless, he had a storied career that also branched into movies, like "Bye Bye Love," starring Paul Reiser.

His own family also continued the tradition of working in Hollywood: his daughter Shana ended up producing a successful sitcom, herself: "Friends."

Gary David Goldberg is being remembered by his friends and colleagues.

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