Take Two for June 25, 2013

Competition seeks ideas for extreme weather resistant architecture



A television reporter watches waves hit a pier before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy October 29, 2012 just off the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Much of the eastern United States was in lockdown mode October 29, 2012 awaiting the arrival of a hurricane dubbed 'Frankenstorm' that threatened to wreak havoc on the area with storm surges, driving rain and devastating winds.

Even if President Obama is successful in implemented these proposed steps to limit climate change, certain effects of extreme weather are inevitable. So how do you learn to live with them?

A group of young New York architects created the 3C competition, seeking ideas for the most aesthetic way to protect property from a devastating storm surge. Daniel Horn, who is spearheading the competition, joins the show from New York with more. 

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