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Take Two for June 25, 2013

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Pelosi And House Leadership Discuss Voting Rights Case Heard In Supreme Court

SCOTUS rules against key part of Voting Rights Act

Today, the Supreme Court ruled 5 -to-4 against a key provision of the Voting Rights Act. That act, originally passed in 1965, outlawed discriminatory voting practices that kept minorities away from the polls.
Should President Obama consult Congress before any action against Syria?

President Obama to reveal plan for climate change

President Obama is expected to reveal plans for climate change today, but how will his plan get passed, when Congress is preoccupied with immigration?
Even if President Obama is successful in implemented these proposed steps to limit climate change, certain effects of extreme weather are inevitable. So how do you learn to live with them?
A giant Sequoia tree planted more than 130 years ago by naturalist John Muir in the orchard of his home in the northern California town of Martinez is in danger.

Remembering 'Twilight Zone' writer Richard Matheson

A founding father of science fiction has died. Richard Matheson passed away on Sunday in Los Angeles at 87 years of age.
Femi Kuti, Nigerian musician and son of
Now it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, where we talk about what's new in music. Joining us today is L.A. Times music critic Steve Hockman and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes.
President's immigration proposal gives discretion to border agents

Senate votes in favor of border amendment

Last night, the U.S. Senate voted 67-to-27 in favor of a tough border amendment to a comprehensive immigration bill. The proposal to double the size of the border patrol is designed to attract Republican votes for the larger bill.
The physical U.S.-Mexico border has also become a preoccupation for a lot of artists working in the region. They're using different aspects of the border in very creative ways.
Missing U.S. Marine Confirmed Dead

Native American vets struggle with VA system

Veterans all over the country are waiting months — and sometimes years — before they get a response to their disability claims. Native American veterans have had an especially difficult time navigating the federal claim system.
California Prisons Layoffs
Valley Fever is an airborne, fungal disease which can be fatal and it's been causing big problems at some California prisons. Yesterday a judge ordered the state to move inmates at risk of contracting Valley Fever out of two of these facilities.
Tourists watch the 'Old Faithful' geyser
A very contagious, gastrointestinal Norovirus bug often found on cruise ships has been plaguing our national parks. So far this year, it's sickened 200 people in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

Meet John Moe, host of the new public radio show 'Wits'

Starting July 1st KPCC will be introducing some new programming, including a new variety show called Wits. Host John Moe joins the show to talk about what listeners can expect from this new show.
Chris Nichols

Chris's Collection: Pig and Whistle ceramic figure

Chris Nichols is an editor at LA Magazine, but he's also a walking encyclopedia when it comes to southern California's history. Every so often he comes by and he brings in one of his treasures and gives us the back story on it.
Gilbert Baker created the rainbow flag in 1978. Today it's a global symbol of gay rights and freedom. Baker joins Take Two to talk about creating the iconic design.

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