Take Two for June 27, 2013

New book reveals the legacy of LA's 'Operation Fly Trap' drug bust

Operation Fly Trap: LA Gangs, Drugs and the Law

Susan A. Phillips

Cover of Susan A. Phillips's book "Operation Fly Trap: LA Gangs, Drugs and the Law."

Today marks a decade since the FBI led a major drug bust in South Los Angeles known as Operation Fly Trap. The task force was set up to root out crime in a neighborhood plagued by rampant gang violence.

They targeted a couple dozen members of a local drug network and systematically took them down. The operation was hailed as a huge success for law enforcement, but over the last decade, the real legacy of Operation Fly Trap has become less clear.

Author Susan Phillips looks into the unintended consequences of this approach to the war on drugs in her book, "Operation Fly Trap: LA Gangs, Drugs and the Law."

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