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Take Two for June 27, 2013

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Immigrants Sworn In As U.S Citizens At Brooklyn Courthouse
For the first time in more than 25 years, the Senate seems ready to pass a bipartisan reform bill. A vote is expected later today or tomorrow, but the legislation may stall when it gets to the House.
Protestors Rally At Rubio's Office Against Exclusion Of Gays From Immigration Bill
Yesterday's Supreme Court decision on the Defense of Marriage Act also had an effect on part of the immigration bill pertaining to whether gay U.S. citizens could petition citizenship for their foreign-born spouses.
Seattle Issues First Same Sex Marriages Licenses After Nov. Election Legalized Gay Marriage
This week's decision by the Supreme Court on Proposition 8 has cleared the way for gay marriage in California, but same-sex couples hoping to wed will need to wait a bit longer before they can walk down the aisle.
Scott Coatsworth and his husband Mark Guzman are creators of the site PurpleUnions.com, which is a directory of LGBT-friendly wedding vendors around the world.
Operation Fly Trap: LA Gangs, Drugs and the Law
Author Susan Phillips looks into the unintended consequences of this approach to the war on drugs in her book, "Operation Fly Trap: LA Gangs, Drugs and the Law."
Pej Behdarvand
LA-based photographer Pej Behdarvand traveled to Africa to document men practicing bodybuilding using stones, metal rods and the tire gears.
Eric Garcetti Los Angeles Mayor
Time for our look at politics here in Southern California with KPCC political reporters Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton.
Powerhouse Fire - 7
What sort of effect does climate change have on insurance policies? We'll talk to California's insurance commissioner Dave Jones about how the changing environment might impact the future of coverage.
Yo Gabba Gabba! Live!: Get The Sillies Out!
Halle Berry was in Sacramento today to testify on behalf of a bill would would protect the children of celebrities and public officials from the paparazzi.
Magic mushrooms are displayed in a refrigerated case at Inne

Investigating a magic mushroom murder mystery

The kingpin of a magic mushroom empire was found dead with a bullet through his head in 1980, and one writer has delved more into the unsolved mystery.
border migrants fronteras

Non-Mexican migrants increasing at the border

One particular smuggling case that originated along the Arizona border, is surprising even veteran law enforcement officials. From the Fronteras Desk in Tucson, Michel Marizco takes a close look.
Michel Martin

NPR's 'Tell Me More' is coming to KPCC

Come July 1st, KPCC will be airing a bonus hour of Take Two at 8 pm. At 9 you can tune into the award-winning NPR program "Tell Me More."
Ask Me Another

Meet 'Ask Me Another' host Ophira Eisenberg

We're excited about the new game show called "Ask Me Another," which will be on Saturdays at 9 p.m. It's been described as a "blend of brainteasers and local pub trivia" with a big dollop of comedy and music.
Library Literacy - 6
This edition of the Dinner Party Download looks into cutlery and taste, the reading habits of younger Americans, and the history of the modern typewriter.

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