Take Two for July 2, 2013

Update on the Yarnell fire in Arizona


AFP/AFP/Getty Images

A woman looks at smoke from the Yarnell fire near a roadblock on the road to Yarnell, Arizona, on July 1, 2013. Reinforcements poured in Monday to battle a runaway wildfire which quadrupled in size overnight after killing 19 firefighters in one of the worst such incidents in US history. The Yarnell Hill fire -- which killed all but one member of a 20-strong 'hotshot' team -- was the biggest loss of firefighters' lives since the September 11 attacks, and the most from a US wildfire in 80 years.

At last count, the Yarnell Fire in Arizona has burned more than 13 square miles and remains at zero percent containment. Yesterday, we spoke about the fire with journalist Michael Kodas. He joins the show again with an update. 

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