Take Two for July 2, 2013

TO GO WITH AFP STORY "Tijuana: A City Un
A Senate bill on border security contains a $46 billion border security package, which is in the House as part of the Senate's plan for immigration reform.

Update on the Yarnell fire in Arizona

At last count, the Yarnell Fire in Arizona has burned more than 13 square miles and remains at zero percent containment. Yesterday, we spoke about the fire with journalist Michael Kodas. He joins the show again with an update.
Holding on to each other:  Firefighters hug during a memorial service Monday in Prescott, Ariz. They were honoring 19 others who died Sunday.

Firefighters killed in Arizona fire remembered, mourned

It was the deadliest single day for U.S. firefighters since Sept. 11. Here are the stories of some of those who died, including the four Californians.

For many, firefighting is often a family affair

As a firefighter, when one of your own dies, there's a chance that person may be your son or daughter, mother or father.
Fire Tent

How firefighters use fire tents as a last resort

Fire tents are tightly packed cubes of folded aluminum, fiberglass and fabric that can reflect 95% of fire's radiant heat, and are only used a last resort.
Ed Hardy for Take Two
Mention Ed Hardy, and it could conjure up an image of the ornate and gaudy apparel that bears hs name. But few people realize that Hardy is a respected tattoo artist who inspired many other artists to take up the needle.
WE HATE HURRICANES Comedy Benefit For AmeriCares
We chat with Chris Martins from Spin Magazine and Shirley Halperin from The Hollywood Reporter about these releases and more on Tuesday Reviewsday.
The federal government has demanded that L.A. County and two Antelope Valley cities pay $12.5 million to victims of racial harassment. The order came following last week's accusations by the US Department of Justice that LA County Sheriff's deputies were abusing their authority.
Bonhams Places Works By Andy Warhol And Jean Michel Basquiat Up For Auction

Could Amazon find success in online sales of fine art?

Galleries like Artsy and Saatchi are selling fine art online, and rumor has it that Amazon has plans to become a virtual dealer of paintings, scultptures and prints, too.
Utah Software Engineer Mints Physical Bitcoins

Winklevoss twins plan IPO for Bitcoin trading

Call Mark Zuckerberg, the Winklevoss twins are back. As you may remember, the Winklevosses were made famous by the movie "The Social Network." It detailed their lawsuit against Zuckerberg for ownership of Facebook.
A California judge this week rejected a lawsuit from parents who argued that Yoga was inherently religious and that teaching in the classroom was a violation of the principle separating church and state.
In the fast moving world of Silicon Valley it seems there's a hot new trend every minute, and meditation practice has become de rigeuer among the entrepreneurial set.
Abraham Lincoln's wasn't the only Gettysburg address. A second was delivered fifty years later, by Woodrow Wilson at a reunion of veterans of the battle
Buffalo Soldiers
Buffalo Soldiers were members of America's first all-black Army regiments. Now, Congress has moved to formally recognize their contributions.
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