Take Two for July 5, 2013

Egyptian President Morsi Ousted In Military Coup
Large groups of demonstrators took to the streets Friday in Cairo in support of the Egypt's overthrown Islamist government.
Military special forces surround supporters of President Mohammed Morsi in Cairo on Wednesday. A few hours later, the military ousted Morsi and suspended the constitution.
Egypt's military has historically exerted considerable force on the country's political process. But could recent events upend that tradition?

Edward Snowden's training to become an ethical hacker

The world is asking how one man could manage to get a hold of and release so much classified information without getting caught. First off, he had training.
Mercer 12458
The week is coming to a close, and it’s time for a look back at the biggest news stories of the week. With us: Matt Cooper of the National Journal, and James Rainey of the L.A. Times.
Kate Middleton
KPCC's Patt Morrison spoke with some British ex-pats at a retirement community in Sierra Madre about their predictions for Kate Middleton's baby.

Looking into the life and music of Myron Glasper

Myron Glasper joined Take Two recently to talk about his career, and about growing up in South Central from a musical standpoint.
Pope John Paul II at Giants Stadium in New Jersey in 1995.

Future saint Pope John Paul II and his L.A. legacy

On Friday morning, the Vatican announced that the late Pope John Paul II will be made a saint. Father Thomas Rausch talks about the pope's impact on Los Angeles.
Activist Demonstrate Against High Cost Of College Education In U.S.
A state bill in Oregon would eliminate tuition, instead allowing students to pay a percentage of their future income into a special education fund.

Online map charts sexual assaults in Egypt

In Egypt, women protesters in particular are at risk for sexual assault, which was a persistent feature of the anti-government protests in 2012.
EEG being used on a young girl
Developing a new drug, exploring space or mapping the human brain can cost millions. So some researchers are turning to the public for funding.
global warming

What does global warming sound like?

We've seen what some of the effects of global warming look like: shrinking glaciers, extreme weather events, and rising sea levels. But what does global warming sound like?
She's open for visitors again.
Liberty Island has been closed for eight months since Superstorm Sandy, but it finally reopened to the public in time for the Fourth of July.
Midwest Heat Wave Threatens Productivity Of Dairy Cows

New Mexico worker's compensation laws may exploit dairy workers, Part 2

Dairy workers endure long hours. They operate heavy machinery and tend to huge animals. But when workers are injured in New Mexico, they’re not entitled to worker's compensation.
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