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Flying across the country in a solar powered plane

by Take Two®

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Ground crew wait on the tarmac before the Solar Impulse plane takes off on a multi-city trip across the United States from Moffett Field NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif., Friday, May 3, 2013. Solar Impulse, considered the world's most advanced solar-powered plane, will stop for seven to 10 days at major airports in each city, so the pilots can display and discuss the aircraft with reporters, students, engineers and aviation fans. It plans to reach New York's Kennedy Airport in early July — without using a drop of fuel, its creators said. Tony Avelar/AP

What would you feel would be a reasonable amount of time for you to fly from San Francisco to New York? Six hours? Maybe seven if you're delayed?

For Andre Borschberg it was two months.

That's because he was doing it in a solar powered plane while making stops across the country.

Yesterday he and a fellow pilot wrapped up the first trans-American flight powered completely by the sun.

We spoke with Andre back in May before his trip started, so we thought that we'd catch up with him now that it's over.


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