Take Two for July 8, 2013

San Francisco Airliner Crash

Airline industry probes into Asiana crash

We're learning more about Saturday's crash-landing at the San Francisco International Airport.
2006 China Education Expo

Asiana students came to Southern California to study

Students on Asiana flight 214 were headed to West Hills summer camp
Families of inmates in isolation at Pelican Bay are seeing the faces of their relatives - some for the first time in decades.
Solar Plane

Flying across the country in a solar powered plane

What would you feel would be a reasonable amount of time for you to fly from San Francisco to New York? Six hours? Maybe seven if you're delayed?

Why Hollywood is addicted to sequels

Iron Man 3. Despicable Me 2. Hangover 3. Hollywood is stuck on sequels. Rebecca Keegan explains why in our feature on the movie biz, On The Lot.
Peter Shiao
The Chinese movie-going audience will be worth $5 billion by 2015, and Hollywood wants in on the action. It's Peter Shiao's job to help be their guide.

Unwrapping the McWrap

Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Susan Berfield got an inside look at McDonald's test kitchen, which spent nearly two years focus-grouping the new product. She joins Take Two with her story.

California National Guard feels brunt of sequestration

Today, sequestration hits home for the Defense Department - and it hits hard.
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