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Take Two for July 10, 2013

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Activists Protest For Immigration Reform
At this point, we're pretty used to hearing lots of sound and fury from Congress on the immigration debate, but it's starting to sound more and more like a death rattle.
Supporters of same-sex marriage are still celebrating their victories in the Supreme Court two weeks ago, but many agree the fight is far from over.
A bulldozer begins to tear down a section of the S
Instead of relying only on expensive earthquake sensors, researchers at CalTech have developed an app that can track vibrations in your phone. That info is sent to an early warning system, which could give whole cities the alert to take cover.
One of these days an earthquake registering a magnitude of 8 or greater could happen in California. If so, it might devastate the state. Add to that the other natural threats that we live with; wildfires, mudslides, tsunamis.
Black Jellyfish

Rare black jellyfish spotted at California beaches

Rare and beautiful jellyfish have been spotted recently at California beaches. They are believed to be Black Jellyfish, a type which hasn't been seen near the state for several years.
Concussion Cap
Head injuries in football are increasingly common. The nature of the game lends itself toward them, even with rules that prohibit helmet to helmet hits. Plus, it's tough to determine whether a player has a concussion in the middle of game, especially when all that player wants to do is keep playing.
Los Angeles Lakers v San Antonio Spurs - Game One
It's time to romp through the world of sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, brothers who've covered sports for the L.A. Times and ESPN.
Special School Helps Teen Combat Childhood Obesity
Nearly one-third of American children and teens are overweight or obese, but new research shows that that figure might be starting to drop.
UCLA Early Science Education

California considers new school science standards

Science has become more like science fiction in the past decade, with amazing innovations from stem cell research to driverless cars. Now science instruction in California could experience a transformation as well.
A hunger strike by California prison inmates is now in its third day. Prison officials say as many as 30,000 inmates are refusing meals.
The Bridge
The new FX show, “The Bridge,” is the latest offering that originated to audiences outside the U.S., but is being re-worked to have an American spin. The setting is based at the US-Mexico border where gruesomely mutilated bodies are being found.

Is Next-Generation Sequencing the future of IVF?

The technique was developed at Oxford University and helps weed out chromosomal abnormalities and disease from embryos before they're implanted in the womb.
In the near future those costs could come way down, because researchers in the U.S. and Europe have recently developed a new low-cost method of IVF .
Chopper noise provision in appropriations bill

Will higher altitudes for choppers in Torrance lower noise complaints?

Helicopter routes in and out of Torrance airport are up for some changes. The Federal Aviation Administration wants L.A. County to figure out how to solve complaints of noisy, low-flying helicopters.

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