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Dinner Party Download: Cigarette hoarding, 'McDiving,' and a bikini history lesson

by Take Two®

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Contestants for the Tall Women's Bikini Contest line up to compete in the 4th of July Muscle Beach body building pageant on the Venice Beach Boardwalk on July 4, 2012. Julie Platner

This edition of the Dinner Party Download looks into the hoarding of menthol cigarettes, a disturbing trend going on in UK McDonald's, and the history of a vital piece of LA summer wear: the bikini. 

Former German Chancellor is hoarding menthol cigarettes

"At an EU meeting ten days ago, the organization discussing banning menthol cigarettes out of fear that the cigarettes encourage children to smoke. In respond, 94-year-old former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt has hoarded 38,000 of the cigarettes at his house, lest the EU decided to take the product off the open market."

Is drunk counter-diving at McDonald's the next fad?

"A new trend in the UK has emerged- "McDiving". This apparently involves getting drunk and then diving completely over the counter at a McDonald’s.  The Daily Mail says this is happening all around the country.  The article features a Youtube compilation video showing many your men doing it, some dressed as bananas for some reason.  Some of these clips seem to be occurring in the same store though, so is this really a trend or just something a few dudes are doing and popularizing?  Either way it’s super dumb, and making its way around enough blogs today enough so  that probably U.S. college kids will soon stoop to try it".

The history of the bikini

"In 1946, the bikini was unveiled in France. And the body enough beneath it. It was named for Bikini Atoll, where a few days earlier, they (France) had dropped a nuclear bomb…The creator got 50,000 letters from fans thanking him for inventing this thing, but several southern European countries banned the bikini for several years, including Spain and Italy. It came to the United States in 1960, the same year the song "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" was released."

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