Take Two for July 11, 2013

California Prisons Layoffs

Day 4: Update on the California prison hunger strike

Today, a hunger strike continues at Pelican Bay State Prison, as close to 30,000 inmates protest solitary confinement, among other issues. This protest is the largest in the state's history.
Pelican Bay Hunger Strike

Behind the Special Security Unit of Pelican Bay Prison

The action is being led by inmates at Pelican Bay prison in Crescent City who are protesting conditions in special security units. One issue in particular is driving the action — controversial criteria used by corrections officials to hold men in isolation, sometimes for decades.
El Monte Pharmacy
Every year, more Latinos die from cardiovascular disease in America than any other ailment, and the National Institutes of Health is trying to find out why.

UN Report: Mexico surpasses US as most obese country

Mexico has overtaken the U.S. as the world's most obese country, according to a new United Nations report out this week.
newborn baby infant
Birthdays determine a variety of things, such as your horoscope and when you begin formal education. But more importantly, birthdays might also determine your health as a baby.
Protesters In Texas Statehouse Block Texas Lawmakers From Passing Abortion Bill

Texas laws spur increase in 'flea-market' abortions

For many low income women in Texas, dangerous and unhealthy alternatives to clinical abortion are an ongoing reality.
Mayoral Election Held In Los Angeles
Time for our look at politics here in Southern California with KPCC political reporters Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton.

Pentagon may reduce danger pay for nearly 56,000 troops

The Associated Press is reporting that the Defense Department may drop danger pay for roughly 56,000 troops.
Transitional Kindergarten

Chicago teachers to rally against Teach for America

This weekend in Chicago, there will be a rally protesting the Teach For America organization, comprised of teachers and former Teach for America alumni.

Report: More Americans exercising, but not losing weight

A new study out this week from the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation shows that Americans are exercising more than ever, but we aren't losing much weight.
Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

California moves to close workers comp loophole for athletes

For years, professional athletes have been filing workers comp claims in California, even if they only played one game in the state their entire career and even if it wasn't for a team based in the state.
Thomas Saenz
In KPCC's new series, "Project Citizen," we're pursuing stories that look at the responsibilities, traditions, and privileges that citizenship entails.
Bob Filner
Former San Diego City councilwoman Donna Frye held a press conference earlier this hour calling for his resignation over allegations that he sexually harassed several women.
4th of July Muscle Beach Pageant
This edition looks into the hoarding of menthol cigarettes, a disturbing trend going on in UK McDonald's, and the history of a vital piece of LA summer wear.
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