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Study: Fracking in Salton Sea area triggers earthquakes

Research Shows San Andreas Fault May Be Overdue For Large Earthquake

David McNew/Getty Images

A geothermal energy plant taps deep underground heat from the southern San Andreas Fault rift zone near the Salton Sea on July 5 near Calipatria, California. Scientists have discovered that human-created changes effecting the Salton Sea appear to be the reason why California's massive "Big One" earthquake is more than 100 years overdue and building up for the greatest disaster ever to hit Los Angeles and Southern California.

The geothermal power plants near the Salton Sea might not just produce electricity. A recent study published in the journal "Science" shows that they could also be causing thousands of earthquakes.

For more, we're joined by Emily Brodsky, professor of Earth & Planetary Sciences at UC Santa Cruz and the lead author of the paper.

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