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A sneak preview of 'Becoming LA' at the Natural History Museum

by Take Two®

A team of City Planning Department model makers, drafters and architects surveyed downtown Los Angeles between 1938 and 1940 and built a model, of which this is a small part, at the Natural History Museum's new exhibit, "Becoming Los Angeles," opening July 14, 2013. Todd Johnson/KPCC

This week the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles at Exposition Park is rolling out a new, permanent exhibit called Becoming Los Angeles. It's a massive project which recounts much of the history of Los Angeles — biologically, geographically and culturally — over the span of 500 years.

Becoming LA is a collection of items ranging from the first container of water collected from the LA aquaduct to suitcases found at the Manzanar internment camp. Take Two got a sneak preview last week of the exhibit with the museum's anthropology chair Margaret Hardin and creative director Simon Adlum. 

We began our tour with an unlikely -- yet integral -- player in our city's history.

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