Take Two for July 18, 2013

Rare Western bumble bee spotted in Seattle

Bumble Bee

Derrick Ditchburn

The western bumble bee was once very common in the western United States and western Canada. The workers have three main color variations.

We hear a lot of bad news about bees these days: They're threatened by insecticides, toxic water, and colony collapse. But this week there's finally some good buzz for bees.

The rare Western bumble bee has been sighted near Seattle, Washington. It's an event so rare it's almost like catching a glimpse of Sasquatch or some other mythical animal.

Here to tell us more is Evan Sugden, a bee biologist at the University of Washington and photographer Will Peterman, a self-described "bee nerd" who actually tracked down this bee, which is distinguishable by its characteristic white butt.

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