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Hollywood hopes to court Latino market at Comic-Con

by Take Two®

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Myke Soler (C) of California walks outside the San Diego Convention Center dressed as a clone trooper from the "Star Wars" movie franchise with his wife Kimberly Soler during Comic-Con International 2013 on July 17, 2013 in San Diego, California. Ethan Miller/Getty Images

If you're not dressed as a Superhero or carrying a stack of comic books, don't bother to roam the streets of San Diego today. The four-day geek-fest known as Comic-Con is underway.

Fanboys and fangirls from around the world will spend the next 96 or so hours buzzing about comics, movies, TV, and more. It's a big industry event for Hollywood, and one of the groups they'll be trying to tap is the Latino market.

Latinos accounted for 25 percent of all tickets sold at the box office, more than any other demographic.

We're joined now by Umberto Gonzales, founder of Latino-Review.com and the production company Mayimbe Media, which makes low-budget films for Latino audiences. He joins us from San Diego after a long night of partying. 

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