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Take Two for July 19, 2013

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The fire is roughly 15 percent contained and about 6,000 people remain evacuated. Photographer John Drake lives in the town of Idyllwild, which is currently threatened by the fire.
Mountain Fire In Southern California Grows In Strength
For the people who call mountainous areas like Idyllwild home, some might ask why stay in a place susceptible to dangers like wildfires?
San Diego Mayor
Last week, the city's mayor Bob Filner was accused of sexual harassment. Now, both supporters and opponents of the mayor are staging rallies outside City Hall.
The U.S. Capitol
The Friday Flashback: The US Senate has passed immigration reform, a farm bill and a budget. But the House refuses to play ball.
One of the draws of reality TV shows is watching how people react in extreme situations. A new show may have found a way to be even more extreme.
Hard Rock Calling - Day Three
In the 1980s, Adam Ant made a name for himself with outlandish outfits, elaborate hair and make up and infectious, catchy tunes. But its been a long time since he’s made music, until now.
Sea Life Aquarium Presstour
This weekend, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach are hosting the first forum to shape a national ocean exploration program.
Baja Wine 3
Mexico is well-known for its alcoholic offerings from beer to tequila, to the newly popular mescal. But Baja California is also home to a thriving wine region.
Goji Berries

Why are Americans so obsessed with berries?

Thanks to a robust berry industry and some good press about antioxidant properties, Americans are buying berries at a record pace.

Why urban farmers should do research before raising chickens

Angelenos have been keeping chickens in the city for ages, but now, there's a whole new generation of "urban homesteaders" who are finding it's not all fun and free eggs.
San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers' Puig looks to capitalize on meteoric rise

This week Yasiel Puig hired a new marketing agent to capitalize on his meteoric rise, but his commercial future may not necessarily be a home run.

What should a TV show do when a lead actor dies?

The producers of Glee reportedly held an emergency meeting to figure out how to write Cory Monteith's character out of the show. Former Law and Order producer Bill Fordes has some advice for them.
Ray Romano Hosts International Myeloma Foundation's 6th Annual Comedy Celebration Benefiting The Peter Boyle Research Fund

Comedian Jeff Garlin on 'Dealin' With Idiots'

L.A.-based comedian Jeff Garlin joins the show to talk about his new film "Dealing With Idiots," which opens today in Los Angeles.

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