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Law enforcement biker clubs causing trouble of their own

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Motorcyclists, one of them on a Harley Davidson (L), roll down the beach along the ocean in Daytona Beach, Florida, 10 March 1995, during Bike Week '95. LUKE FRAZZA/AFP/Getty Images

There's a new type of biker gang on the scene. They drive Harley Davidsons, and go by names like the Iron Brotherhood, the Blue Knights or the Reapers. 

They're not quite the rowdy band of outlaws and ex-cons that you might think of, though. Quite the contrary, as many of these gangs consist of law enforcement officers.

These clubs have recently come into the spotlight as one such group was involved in a bar brawl in Prescott, Arizona. That same group also might have a rising conflict with the famous Hell's Angels.

Zusha Elinson wrote about this trend for the Wall Street Journal, and joins the show to discuss his findings. 


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