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State Of Affairs: Immigration, special elections and more

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The Los Angeles City Council agreed Wednesday to name Councilwoman-elect Nury Martinez the district's caretaker pending the certification of her victory. Nury Martinez Campaign

Time for State of Affairs, our look at politics throughout California with KPCC's political reporters Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton.

Immigration has been a major issue for our elected officials at the federal level, but now there are some concerns from California's Republicans that the party's reaction to immigration could hurt their chances with the state's Latino voters. A new poll looks at how immigration reform could impact House races in 2014.

There were two special elections this week. The first was in the Los Angeles City Council's Sixth District and there was actually a major upset. Why was it such a surprise to see Nury Martinez finish first in Tuesday's election?

In Pomona, there was an election for the state Assembly. Ontario Mayor Paul Leon and Pomona City Councilman Freddie Rodriguez will face one another in a September runoff and this could have serious implications for the Democrats' supermajority in the Assembly.  

The tiny city of Vernon was back in the news this week. It's former city manager Bruce Malkenhorst is famous for having the top pension in California, a half million dollars a year. But now CalPERS says it is cutting that annual amount to $115,000.  

Finally, the Los Angeles City Council approved a development yesterday that will redefine the skyline of Hollywood. There's been a lot of talk about the science behind this project, but what about the political science of the vote?

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