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New age composer Iasos to give first LA multimedia performance

Image of Greek-American New Age musician Iasos.
Image of Greek-American New Age musician Iasos.
Numero Group

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The description of a concert being held this evening at the Cinefamily theater in LA reads like this:

There are in this world armies of synth knob-twiddlers, electronic tone peddlers and New Age noodlers,  but for decades, existing on an entirely different plane has been the Greek composer Iasos, who, with a mere waving of his hand, blows away all imitators with a multiverse of crystal giggling energy.

The source of that "giggling energy" is Iasos, considered by many to be the father of new age music. He recently released a new album on the Numero Group label called, Celestial Soul Portrait.

Tonight he's in LA for his first ever multimedia performance at the Cinefamily theatre on Fairfax, and he was kind enough to drop by our studios.

1979 Documentary on Iasos from Iasos on Vimeo.