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Can a 7 minute workout be as effective as a 60 minute one?

by Jacob Margolis | Take Two®

Take Two hosts Alex Cohen and A Martinez pose together after their CrossFit workout. Jacob Margolis

Over the past year articles like "The Scientific 7-Minute Workout" have been eaten up by time crunched fitness fanatics. The articles claim that intervals - or short bursts of activity - can cut the amount of time that people have to workout to achieve desirable results. The idea is that instead of an hour-long run people can perform 20 minutes of intervals and reap the same rewards.

The use of short intervals has been made popular by companies like Crossfit - which is what host Alex Cohen finds herself doing frequently.

A Martinez on the other hand prefers hours of working out.

Both are workout fanatics, but they have very different routines.

Which technique's better?

We'll find out by speaking with Dr. Allen Lim, a sports physiologist and the former coach for some of the world's top cycling teams.

But first - motivated by a bit of schadenfreude - we sent Alex and A to the gym.

The results, surprisingly enough, included both sweat and tears.

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