Take Two for July 29, 2013

Take Two listener on how power plays into political sex scandals


Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner said he won't resign until he has a chance to respond to his accusers.

We've been covering the Bob Filner sexual harassment allegations since it broke several weeks ago. On Friday's show, we talked about it with Mark Sachleben, a professor of political science at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, who's working on an upcoming book about political sex scandals. 

Sachleben said one reason politicians engage in these kinds of sex scandals are that they're surrounded by "sycophants" and they're seldom told no, so they think they can get away with inappropriate behavior. 

But one Take Two listener believes there's a lot more going on in the case of Bob Filner. Charisse L'Pree just completed her doctoral studies at USC researching the relationship between media and psychological development and identity.  She joins the show to explain. 


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