Take Two for July 29, 2013

Prisoner Hunger Strike

The history of prison hunger strikes in California

More than 600 inmates are protesting solitary confinement through a mass hunger strike that began July 8th. But it's not the first time California prisoners have refused food to seek concessions from prison officials.
Pelican Bay State Prison.
The hunger strike has become the biggest protest of its kind in California history. Many strikers have dropped in and out, forgoing just a few meals, and the longer the protest continues, the more people drop out altogether.
Mercer 20238
In just one week's time, the Bay Area's public transportation system, BART, may face the second strike of the summer.
Bob Filner
San Diego mayor Bob Filner spent nearly two decades in Washington, where the culture doesn't encourage victims to come forward.
Mayor Filner's story has made national headlines in recent weeks. Many believe that the reason for his behavior is that he simply thought he could get away with it, but Charisse L'Pree, who's just completed her doctoral studies at USC researching the relationship between media and psychological development and identity has another opinion.

On the Lot: Blue Jasmine, Star Wars and more

Time now for On the Lot, our weekly feature about the movie business.Keeping her ear to the ground is Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times.
The 6th World Instant Noodle Summit Held In Osaka
Odds are you probably don't think of instant ramen as high cuisine. Hans Lienesch, better known as the Ramen Rater disagrees.
On a plane ride home to Vatican City from his recent trip to Brazil, Pope Francis held an 80 minute news conference. During that conversation, he said he would not judge priests for their sexual orientation.
Tribeca Film Festival 2012 After-Party For Trishna, Hosted By Stolichnaya Vodka, At Hotel Chantelle - 4/27/12

LA gay bars boycott Stoli, other Russian vodka brands

Gay pride events there have been scarred with violence and last month the country passed a law where tourists or foreigners could be arrested for being perceived as gay or "pro-gay." In response, gay columnist Dan Savage called for a nation-wide boycott of Stoli and other Russian vodkas.
Cabrillo Science Camp
Middle schoolers get a crash course in investigative techniques. They collect and analyze fingerprints, determine blood types and perform hair and fiber exams.
Todd Ashker
Convicted killer Todd Ashker has been described as the legal brains behind the California prison hunger strike. Journalist Paige St. John wrote a profile of Todd Ashker, and she joins the show with more.
Test Flight

US Air Force aims to combat pilot shortage

The US Air Force is facing a shortage, but not of hardware. There are a lot less trained fighter pilots these days and they are offering a quarter million dollar bonus, over ten years, to former pilots who return to service.
Autry Museum
This Saturday was National American Cowboy day, and the Autry Museum debuted its new, permanent exhibit, "Western Frontiers: Stories of Fact and Fiction," in its Gamble Firearms Gallery.
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