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DefCon brings together hackers and government organizations

by Take Two®

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In this July 30, 2010 photo, Stephan Vanderbild of Germany participates in a capture the flag competition during the DefCon hacker conference in Las Vegas. Isaac Brekken/AP

A hacker, a journalist and an NSA agent all sit down for a game of black jack. That might sound like the opening line for a joke (and it probably would make a great one), but it's probably more like what's happening this week in Las Vegas.

Professional hackers and government entities from around the globe have gathered in the Sin City to compare notes and demonstrate their skills. There are two hacker conferences in the desert- BlackHat, which just concluded, and DefCon, which begins today. 

Kim Zetter is a senior reporter for Wired who's attending both conferences, and she joins the show to explain what's going on at these conferences and what's at stake for hackers and the government organizations in attendance.

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