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Social media key in finding suspects in Huntington Beach riots

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A couple of altercations on Main St, Huntington Beach escalated into a full on riot with multiple fights, public property destruction and alleged stabbings. Here's a POV in front of a porta potty station that got completely wrecked. Sucks to be stuck in one of those. Norman Hartono (via YouTube)

Police in Huntington Beach have arrested another man connected to the violent riots there last weekend following the US Open of Surfing.

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18-year-old Illario Niko Johnson was first falsely identified as the man smashing a window in a photo that went viral. Although police determined that that wasn't him, they still charged him on other counts, including inciting a riot. 

Now, the work of finding other people directly involved with the riots is now a matter of using photos, tweets, and videos posted on the internet.

Lieutenant Mitchell O'Brian is with the Huntington Beach Police Department, and explained how the police are using social media to find suspects and delve further into Sunday's riots. 

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