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Dinner Party Download: Bug incubators, match-making rewards and Mona Lisa theft

by Take Two®

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Austrian industrial designer Katharina Unger made the device as an alternative to traditional meats as well as an incubator.

Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party Download podcast and radio show.

On tap this week:

Tabletop bug incubators: Kitchen appliance of the future?

"The U.N. says that because there's going to be such an increased need for protein, that we should start getting used to eating bugs. An Austrian industrial designer has come up with 'Farm 432', which is a large kitchen appliance that holds black soldier flies, who lay their larvae and the machine harvests their larvae."

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match...for some cash

"A woman from a prominent New York advertising agency sent an email to her friends, which was a proposal that if one of her friends introduces her to her husband, she will give them $10,000 cash. She was inspired by the book "Lean In" by Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg, and decided to make an action plan on finding a husband. She tells her friends that there's three steps. Step one- you set me up on a date with a man. Step two- I marry that man. Step three- I give you $10,000 on my wedding day. According to agency spies, she's already been set up on over 100 dates."

This Week in History: Stealing the world's most famous painting

"It's the 102nd anniversary of the theft of the Mona Lisa by Vincenzo Peruggia. He hid overnight in a closet at The Louvre and then on Monday, when the museum closed, he came out in the morning and took the thing off the wall, tucked it under the smock he was wearing, and walked out. People started lining up to see the empty space.

"It was, in a way, the first conceptual art piece. The cops had no lead on it. At one point, they suspected Pablo Picasso. The Mona Lisa finally showed up in Italy, where Peruggia tried to sell it for half-a-million lira, and they caught him."

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