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Take Two for August 1, 2013

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Huntington Beach riot on Main St, 7/28/2013
Lieutenant Mitchell O'Brian is with the Huntington Beach Police Department, and explained how the police are using social media to find suspects from Sunday's riots.

Congress receives scant sexual harassment training

Most of the incidents San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is accused of occurred when he was serving in Congress, whose members receive minimal amount training.
Cardinal Mahony Announces San Antonio Archbishop Jose Gomez As Successor

Five Catholic orders turn over priest files to public

The LA Times reports that confidential records from five Catholic orders have been turned over to victims of sexual abuse.
Hacker Conference
A hacker, a journalist and an NSA agent all sit down for a game of black jack. That might sound like the opening line for a joke (and it probably would make a great one), but it's probably more like what's happening this week in Las Vegas.
A new study from USC and Stanford finds that the threat of arrest and punishment is still not a deterrent for people to cross the border illegally.
Deported Vets

Thousands of US veterans deported after service

A new article in the current issue of Playboy magazine sheds light on the thousands of veterans who have been deported after serving in the US military.

State Of Affairs: DWP contract, Anaheim voting and more

Time for State of Affairs, our look at politics throughout California with KPCC political reporters Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton.

CPUC wants to regulate app-based ridesharing services (updated)

The CPUC declared Tuesday that it should have jurisdiction over and regulate companies that use mobile apps to help people find a ride.
Jamie Lynne Grumet
Here in Southern California, two mothers are teaming up with a message that women should be more supportive for those that choose to breastfeed their babies.
Severe Rain Storms Causes Flooding In Southern Los Angeles Area

Report: Climate change and California's rising sea levels

Big long-term sea rise would put at least a quarter of 85 California cities underwater at high tide, including Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Carson, Marina del Rey, and Seal Beach.

First school to reorganize under parent trigger law reopens

This week, a little elementary school in Adelanto, Calif., opened its doors for the first time under new management, thanks to the so-called parent trigger law. It's the first public school in the state to do so, after two years of conflict and court battles. Expectations are running high.
Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party Download podcast and radio show.
Gamble House Tour
The Gamble House is opening the doors to its servants' hall and rooms for the first time in its history, as other rooms undergo renovation. The "Upstairs Downstairs Tour" runs through most of August.

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