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Saying goodbye to the X-Games in LA

by A Martínez with Leo Duran | Take Two®

Chandler Dunn of Temecula does a flip on a Razor during the first day of X Games Los Angeles outside STAPLES Center and L.A. Live. Maya Sugarman/KPCC

This weekend marks the last time that the Summer X-Games will be hosted in LA.

It's called Los Angeles "home" for the past decade, and it could be argued that during that time it's matured into a massive, worldwide event.

"This is the home of action sports, this is where the industry chooses to reside," says VP of X-Games, Chris Stiepock. "This is where a lot of these athletes live, and I would say it got us access to these guys."

But Steipock says that, now, it's too big for LA.

"We're taking non-traditional sports and trying to slam them into traditional sporting arenas," he says. "If we're in a facility where we're not confined by the venue, I think we can grow ourselves even bigger."

Next year, the X-Games will call Austin, Texas, its new home.

Yesterday, Angelenos who showed up to the games were disappointed that it wouldn't be local anymore.  

"Very disappointed," says Brian Miyamoto. "This is why we came this year: it's the last time.

And Paul Simonson puts it more simply: "Austin? Too far. No." 

It's also bittersweet for superstar street skateboarder Paul Rodriguez (who's also the son of comedian Paul Rodriguez.)

His first X-Games was LA's first time hosting the event in 2003.

"Literally my whole X-Games career is here in LA, so it's a little sad," says Rodriguez, "I think it really developed its identity here because it didn't stay anywhere half as long as they were here."

But when the X-Games moves to Austin, Rodriguez says he'll still be excited to compete.

"It's still going to grow," he says, "but it's just going to have a new vibe, the vibe of a new city."

Your last chance to catch events are this weekend at LA Live in downtown LA and in Irwindale.

Get more info on how to attend here.


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