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Mexico's sex trafficking networks working with drug cartels

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Mexican prostitutes wait for clients on a street of Tijuana city, Baja California state, August 6, 2007. LUIS ACOSTA/AFP/Getty Images

Mexico's drug cartels are notorious worldwide for the drug trafficking and violence they inflict day in and day out upon their fellow citizens. Drugs aren't the only horror perpetrated by the cartels' vast network of illegal activity, though.

Time magazine reports in its latest issue on the heavy role of drug cartels in sex trafficking. It's a $32 billion business worldwide, according to U.N estimations. The article is a sad and eye-opening look into the illicit industry, its author, Ioan Grillo, joins the show to tell us more.

CORRECTION: On air, we incorrectly stated that Ioan Grillo's article, "The Mexican Drug Cartels’ Other Business: Sex Trafficking," is in the latest issue of Time. It is only online and will not be in the print edition of the magazine. 


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